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Trying out some Penang curry paste we bought on our last trip into Mainz

I’ve fried it and added chicken drumsticks and a large sliced onion, gently frying now until the bones start to ooze.

Then a can of coconut milk and simmer for an hour stirring occasionally so the curry paste doesn’t stick on the bottom of the pan and burn


It’s ready when the oil starts to come out and float on the top and the onions have disintegrated

Next a handful of tomatoes, large cherry tomatoes are good

And sit off the heat for 20 mins for the meat to rest

We had ours with wholegrain parathas and green beans cooked in the microwave with sliced garlic and topped off with oyster sauce.


I made this for my mother last Christmas, there are good intentions to make one for each of my 4 sisters. Should I be starting now? 😉



thanks Dina, lovely pattern, this site also has lots of motif patterns. I think you need to be a pretty confident crochet-er to follow this but if you already understand the concept, it’s not too hard

I see what everyone’s saying about Russian advancements in the field of crochet lace!

I am loving these little patterns, also I learned only using Japanese pattern books and to me, a picture tells a thousand words and no worrying about whether the designer talks “American” or “British” crochet terms 🙂


overlapping petals rose and daisy

I’ve decided I’m going to just start creating lots of different motifs, no repeats and when I’ve enough, I’ll tack them to a cloth shawl I have that’s the right size and start crocheting the net

comments please on how you should do small things first before embarking on a big project with a new techinique……..



on top of the bright orange tank top I’m currently knitting for my son, I’ve a hankering for a girly light crotcheted poncho for slinging on in summer evenings, something with lots of lacy bits, maybe pineapples. It needs to have a wide neckline so it will be drapey and off the shoulder. Several weeks of internet surfing later and I think I’m going to have to design my own. I’m thinking of playing around with the concept of Irish Crochet and using a mixture of motifs that I like the look of, making it more random than a carefully worked out repeating pattern, thinking of differing butterfly patterns and flowers with a very wide open grid in between. Will it work in the grey wool mix bargain box chunky (worsted) weight wool (yarn) I picked up in a hypermarket this morning?


take one fit all sizes pattern to get an idea of stitch numbers – thank you Patti Gonsalves for this pattern on Revelry:

and then a little bit of tinkering with Anna Wuerful Brown’s patterns:


and watch this space…..

I love

summer poncho

but I think that this will be another project later, as it needs a pretty small hook for clothing and I’ve learned to my disappointment that if I use any pattern that needs any decent amount of time, it’ll take so long I dread and hate it by the end… I blame you Chinese work ethic that makes me log on until midnight….



It’s a great scarf to wear when cycling 🙂

Mini Minion.

via Mini Minion.

And here is the finished article


For some reason my phone camera wouldn’t focus on the stitches unless it was held very far away. I’ll edit it on the computer when I next get a chance to sit at it

I amended the original pattern (when do you ever follow exactly??)

I used a 3mm hook and double knitting wool (sorry I don’t know the American translation) for the body and arms.

The pattern used felt but I’m too much of a perfectionist so I used Coates 20 and a 1.5mm hook for the eyes. My son asked for 2 eyes as well.

The pattern is below with American terms in brackets.
eyes make 2
Rnd 1: 6 dc (sc) in a magic circle (6)
Rnd 2: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 2x more (9)
Rnd 3: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 3x more, 1dc (13)

Make the other eye

Change to black (I used one thread of the 3 in the yarn)
Rnd 4: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 5x more, 1dc, join to the other eye motif and repeat the row.

Join normal black wool and using the 3mm hook, join to one side of the goggles. Chain 10, join to the other side of the goggles. Sew onto the face.

Little tip with amugurumi, when you sew limbs on, end by stitching straight untie body cavity then tie the ends of the thread from 2 limbs (arm to arm and leg to leg) together inside the body with at least 4 reef knots to prevent them been pulled off. Then stuff as normal.