on top of the bright orange tank top I’m currently knitting for my son, I’ve a hankering for a girly light crotcheted poncho for slinging on in summer evenings, something with lots of lacy bits, maybe pineapples. It needs to have a wide neckline so it will be drapey and off the shoulder. Several weeks of internet surfing later and I think I’m going to have to design my own. I’m thinking of playing around with the concept of Irish Crochet and using a mixture of motifs that I like the look of, making it more random than a carefully worked out repeating pattern, thinking of differing butterfly patterns and flowers with a very wide open grid in between. Will it work in the grey wool mix bargain box chunky (worsted) weight wool (yarn) I picked up in a hypermarket this morning?


take one fit all sizes pattern to get an idea of stitch numbers – thank you Patti Gonsalves for this pattern on Revelry:


and then a little bit of tinkering with Anna Wuerful Brown’s patterns:



and watch this space…..

I love

summer poncho


but I think that this will be another project later, as it needs a pretty small hook for clothing and I’ve learned to my disappointment that if I use any pattern that needs any decent amount of time, it’ll take so long I dread and hate it by the end… I blame you Chinese work ethic that makes me log on until midnight….