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My 3 year old daughter has decided she cannot be left out of the Irish crochet and so she has been “requesting” flowers

I got into LOADS of trouble for sewing a broach to the back of the pink one- she doesn’t want to use or wear them; she just wants to leave them on random chairs in the sitting room


In some ways I’m loving using a massive hook, the tension is a little looser and you get super big flowers with 10 minutes work.

On the not so plus side, I’m following a traditional butterfly pattern with rolling over the edges so the body is 3D etc and I found to my horror that the body is more than 30cm long! I now have to produce 4 medallions to make the basis of the wings and am now worried that this butterfly will overpower and dominate my poor poncho ‘:/ (the dressmaking shears are included to give a sense of scale of the finished result)


On a happier note, travels with Russian crochet on you-tube have totally inspired me. I had a few stumbles following the instructions visually without a pattern but now I’ve settled on my own paisley type leaves:

the most amazing russian video on how to make paisley leaves!

I speak no Russian at all but this crocheter’s peaceful voice and wonderful teaching made that irrelevant. Beautiful paisley Russian crochet leaves! I’ll post a picture of a pattern when I work it out myself.