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Ok so there weren’t enough flowers either so I have added flowers and leaves. I was dreadfully remiss and hadn’t got a 6 petalled Irish rose-now corrected bottom right.
I have also refolded the shawl into a symmetrical trapezium. I woke up the next morning saying “what were you thinking?”


The flowers on the right are deliberately overlapping the edge so that there isn’t a blank band when the poncho is finished – see I’m always thinking  😉


This is a little blog about a little thing I do with the odds and ends we all collect and use to scatter in places where long suffering spouses will step on them and wander the house with wool (Am: yarn) attached to socks.


First thing I do is always cut them as short as I think I can get away with – I love struggling because the needle is longer than the thread, it adds to the fun of finishing off a project!

I collect them in the bottom of the cloth shoulder bag I keep current projects in and every now and then decant them into my wool box (ok, if honesty is required ONE of my wool boxes)

Then I use them for stuffing amigurumi (usually I supplement with a little normal stuffing)
The advantages :

❤ I'm a big advocate of avoiding waste and saving money if it's not too much hassle to me (sorry earth, I'm to lazy to be an activist but I do things in my own little way to help) and this is essentially FREE!

❤ I hate that thing that happens with some amigurumi when they get older when you can see white stuffing between the stitches and with wool oddments that's not so obvious

So now I take my bow for saving the planet through amigurumi ☺

Not so sure I’ve done enough leaves….

Well I think I’ve got almost enough in terms of  motifs and the time has came, as the walrus said,  to talk of other things.  It’s a bit scary but I’ve laid everything out on a wrap that I have that is measured to be the length of the opening of my poncho /grown up wrap. Basically using trial and error and safety pins to get the opening right and then folding the shawl into a right angled  trapezium (all maths geeks sigh in happiness that the shape was correctly described)

I’m then going to tack them in place and pin them out on an old pillow and crochet away with a 5mm hook,  using a 5 crochet chain length as the basis. The plan is to crochet a large lopsided floppy cylinder.

Wish me luck in my madness!