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My children went trick or treating (just to the 3 neighboring streets and only to the houses displaying pumpkins) and I decided for our offerings, there would not be any sweets, mainly because I didn’t want half a tub still in the house for the next 2 weeks, so we made bat biscuits and Halloween cupcakes, which were very much appreciated by the children who came by, mainly from one of 3 local schools and it’s funny how many mum’s I knew 🙂 !

I had the children making shortbread biscuits yesterday and today I made 96 cupcakes and the children set up a production line the kitchen to decorate. I don’t know what to think of the frequent calls to Dad for quality control checks….


Healthy-ish Halloween offerings

One of the boys (about 10 years old) loudly said to his friends that they were yummy as they walked away, he can come back next year!


As someone who always feels disappointed with how quickly I managed to crumple/lose the usual paper poppies (I always buy 2 do I’ll have a nice one on remembrance Sunday) and really appreciating that I can wear one again- they aren’t worn in Germany and even the remembrance day is on a different day each year- I was charmed to discover this pattern, saves me making one up myself!
poppy crochet pattern

I was wandering through allfreeknitting and came across this fabulous pattern!

Knit Hallowig

HOW cool? I may go purple or Blue……

I love knitting on trains, when I’ve had jobs that I’ve commuted to, I finished LOADS of projects using that time to and from work. My infinity scarf positively leapt forward on Thursday night. I went to the Frankfurt English Theater to see strangers on a train which was fab, loved the set and the lighting with scary shadow plays going on on the walls and the train there and back were perfect for a knitting session.


It's in Germany but it's in English!

The other thing that was great is that, because there’s a 10 stitch repeat in the pattern, I wasn’t just knitting, oh no, I was counting out loud in an under your breath kind of manner.
So all the drunk lads on the way home left me alone instead of pestering me (it’s not because I am now middle aged and too old to be pestered). All ladies travelling alone on trains at night should knit to discourage nutcases talking to you 😉

So the scarf is now long enough to be looped once around my neck, 2 loops to go, yay! And I totally justified talking a second ball of wool with me because I joined it on at least 10 minutes before reaching my destination.


It's getting longer

How does everyone else carry knitting when travelling? Is the yarn in your pocket or your handbag or do you risk it falling on the floor by keeping it on your lap? I keep mine in a pooch on my handbag.


Handbag with purpose designed knitting pouch

Taste of childhood, though not in our house.looks amazing,I can’t wait to try it out









  • kuih chap (flat rice noodles), braised duck or even used it to cook with mei cai.



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I popped into Mainz for probably the last time before moving back to Manchester. I was heading to a wool shop I know and took a wrong turning, so I found another shop! It’s amazing what happens when you shop without husbands…..

so it would have been rude not to buy something, I chose this lovely soft organic cotton in baby pink.


One quick internet search later, I found this pretty little thing:

periwinkle pink lace infinity scarf

I have also discovered via this wonderful description what long tail cast on is- I was taught it as a child under a different name, thumb cast on, less romantic but more descriptive 😉

long tail cast on

It’s a lovely pattern, rather soothing to knit, you have to keep counting so it’s perfect for concentrating enough to forget any niggling worries but simple enough to be able to watch telly/listen to the radio. Can’t have detailed conversations with husbands though, especially if they are to do with moving back to England from Germany…. speaking if which, you now know why I haven’t blogged much in the last few weeks

Now I will be disciplined and finish my UFO’s (unfinished objects) before making this but wouldn’t this hat match an Irish crochet poncho for a little girl beautifully?

The Green Dragonfly

Here’s a cute and easy autumnal hat to make for yourself or a loved one… you all know how much I love the humble granny, so here is a hat version!

Autumn crochet hat free patternJust right for the changing seasons, not too warm – you could even make it in cotton for spring.

Autumn crochet hat free patternI confess I chose the gray last night when Maia was asleep, she was certain to have chosen pink.  I love gray, and I think I might have to make one for myself next!

Autumn crochet hat free pattern

Crochet Autumn Hat Pattern:

This pattern will make a hat that is big enough for a child (there’s a fair bit of stretch in them, I can fit it but its a bit on the snug side) so if you want to make one for an adult Id suggest adding another hdc in the first round. Alternatively you could stick with the pattern and use a…

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Irish crochet rose to the extreme! I’m in love