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Right,  this is it now,  the line has been drawn in the sand.  I will go through all those boxes in the attic and all yarn will be in display.  I am not allowed to buy any more until everything I own has been crocheted, knitted, pompomed, embroidered or stuck to cardboard in some way. 
This year I will be creative and strong. I will be working away from home in the week and I will not be lonely because I will take the opportunity to finish all those UFO’s! Now don’t let your attention wander, this is a craft blog not A syfi blog,  a UFO is an unfinished object.  that waterfall cardigan I started 2 years ago and didn’t finish because the pattern was accidentally put into storage,  that cotton aran jumper,  those socks I started and never enjoyed knitting enough to continue, ask those embroidery projects that have not been blocked and framed,  basically anything for me I put aside because someone had a baby or a birthday I needed to make something for.
We are on a tight budget this year,  so I am not allowed to look at a website or go into a shop while there is yarn on the shelf in my bedroom.

Support will be required, there will be times I will come into the blog when I am wavering,  I look for sympathy and nonjudgemental comments.


I have a cotton jumper I absolutely love,  it is whisper> more than 25 years old 
😯 and the cuffs are sadly disintegrating.

I decided to use some 100% cotton pink wool (the sharp sighted may recognize it here ) and I am very pleased with the result  🙂



I am frantically writing Christmas cards, sorting out tax forms, putting up Christmas trees and trying to bake mince pies to keep up with the family’s consumption so this is a quick blog mainly so I won’t lose the link 🙂

following on from the blog I shared on creating book beads , here’s a great video on how to make Christmas Baubles.

I need a glue gun (hint hint hint to all the family who I am sure DON’T read this blog…)

I love the hangers! Watch this space for wildly clashing use of yarn ends 😛

amaryllis log


Honestly I miss sewing. Over the last couple years I churned out a lot of projects, some successful and some disastrous. There was a period where I would make something purely because I liked how it looked on someone else, forgetting my own lifestyle and what works best on my body. I also noticed an accumulation of hand sewn garments in my closet not making the rotation. I was known for my weekend warrior sewing and by the end of the weekend I was exhausted and certainly not objective to what I had made.

I recently pulled out three patterns and kept looking at them. This one went to the top of the pile. I checked what the reviews had to say on Pattern Review…boxy, runs big…nice top, a few people had issues with the instructions. For some reason I bought this pattern in size 14-20. Depending on the pattern…

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How cute! I’m inspired to post directions for paper beads my 90 year old Chinese grandma taught me as a really little girl 30+ years ago watch my blog for some Christmas inspired ones

beads that look like teeny-tiny tomes

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I haven’t added any text instructions, because I think the photos are clear enough. All that’s left to do know is make a whole heap of these, in different shapes (but always symmetrical shapes!) and sizes, and stringing them up.

This uses the same binding method used to make childrens board-books…the only difference is that you glue the front and back cover together, as well, and create a book in the round, without and ending or beginning…and that’s some pretty heavy symbolism for a pretty paper bead!

Have fun!

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