I love the hangers! Watch this space for wildly clashing use of yarn ends 😛

amaryllis log


Honestly I miss sewing. Over the last couple years I churned out a lot of projects, some successful and some disastrous. There was a period where I would make something purely because I liked how it looked on someone else, forgetting my own lifestyle and what works best on my body. I also noticed an accumulation of hand sewn garments in my closet not making the rotation. I was known for my weekend warrior sewing and by the end of the weekend I was exhausted and certainly not objective to what I had made.

I recently pulled out three patterns and kept looking at them. This one went to the top of the pile. I checked what the reviews had to say on Pattern Review…boxy, runs big…nice top, a few people had issues with the instructions. For some reason I bought this pattern in size 14-20. Depending on the pattern…

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