Right,  this is it now,  the line has been drawn in the sand.  I will go through all those boxes in the attic and all yarn will be in display.  I am not allowed to buy any more until everything I own has been crocheted, knitted, pompomed, embroidered or stuck to cardboard in some way. 
This year I will be creative and strong. I will be working away from home in the week and I will not be lonely because I will take the opportunity to finish all those UFO’s! Now don’t let your attention wander, this is a craft blog not A syfi blog,  a UFO is an unfinished object.  that waterfall cardigan I started 2 years ago and didn’t finish because the pattern was accidentally put into storage,  that cotton aran jumper,  those socks I started and never enjoyed knitting enough to continue, ask those embroidery projects that have not been blocked and framed,  basically anything for me I put aside because someone had a baby or a birthday I needed to make something for.
We are on a tight budget this year,  so I am not allowed to look at a website or go into a shop while there is yarn on the shelf in my bedroom.

Support will be required, there will be times I will come into the blog when I am wavering,  I look for sympathy and nonjudgemental comments.