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This is a lovely pattern from free vintage crochet (thank you crochet thread– and BTW, your crochet lantern is pretty darned groovy, but I don’t have enough time before Chinese New Year to make one!!!! )

This pansy is one of the motifs for my daughter’s irish crochet poncho. I like the way the front petals are really 3D and I’ll attach it in the irish crochet net so that they will be able to stand proud.   Eagle eyed readers will note that the motifs are no longer pink. My daughter was persuaded would like a mixture of colours which is great as I can keep with my new year’s resolution to not buy any more yarn before I have worked my way through my stash. These yarns are all the same type, bought to make a Maisy jumper for a niece years ago which looks very similar to this:


My daughter has been DESPERATE to make this recipe, demonstrated here by two Cebeebies presenters.
We have had the tin of pineapple for about a month and were all set to go when my husband inexplicably used up ALL the glacé cherries the Friday before….
What I have learned is
1. A small tin only has 4 (FOUR)  pineapple slices
2.when the recipe says cook for 60 mins,  don’t chicken out after 30.

The base was stuck to the cake tin but I think more pineapple slices will solve this and careful reconstruction as shown in the picture made this undetectable not a problem

It was delicious, though,  well recommended as can be seen by all the lego inching closer to have a nibble.