So, following on from the debacle of showing my daughter a pansy that she confidently identified as a daffodil, I’ve decided to add one to her poncho.
I’m on the train and the reception isn’t very good so I decided to make it up as a doodle rather than finding a pattern and I’m quite pleased with the result.

First I crocheted the cone using a darker yellow


Then I added petals using the same basic principle as Irish roses.


Daffodils have 6 petals and they are quite pointie so I adjusted my trebles (Am. Double crochets) accordingly.

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear my daughter’s verdict, unfortunately she is asleep as it is well past her bedtime but I will ask her when we Skype in the morning and add a P.S. to my post.

For those of you who have cried, “My life will only be complete with the pattern!” (And I know there will be many for how could you help yourselves?)  how could I keep this from you? It is in UK crochet but I can translate on request.

Row 1 (dark yellow):
Chain (ch )6. Join with a slip stitch (ss)

Row 2:
Chain 3. 1 treble (Tr) , *1 doubletreble (dTr ), ch 2, ss into first chain. 2 Tr.*
Repeat between * 3 more times.
1dTr, ch2, ss into first chain. ss into third chain at start of row. fasten off.

Row 3:
Join light yellow wool at back of cone. Chain 3, ss into back of 2nd or 3rd treble at the base about 1/6th along the circle. Repeat 5 times so that there are 6 evenly spaced loops. Ss to join to first loop.

Row 4:

Work the following into each loop:

1 dc,  1 half treble (hTr), 1Tr,  1dTr, 1 triple treble, 1dTr, 1 Tr, 1 hTr, 1 dc.

Fasten off.


and here is a picture pattern, which is my preferred way to get instructions