They always say that on planes don’t they? Well, I purchased this pattern in 2012 and then got some wool, then started it and after about 2 1/2 inches realised my wool was chunky and not DK so then I bought some new DK yarn and I’ve got almost back to where I was on the back but also on the right front and left front.
Yes, I’m knitting a seamless cardigan! Thinking of trying to do the shoulders and arms using small cable knitting needles.

The nail polish bottle is to give a sense of scale

By the way, check out the needles, perils of shopping on line, I ordered and got exactly what I asked for, though to be honest, the shortness of them makes it easy and faster to knit as you don’t have to keep stopping to move stitches onto the needles.

Really teeny tiny knit pro needlesimage

Still loving my knit pro kit though, the only way to circular knit or knit enormous cardigans in one go šŸ˜‰