Well I don’t have idle hands at the moment… Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but this is the reason:


Pretty colour, eh? I was inspired by the ballet top I made for my daughter in the ballet school uniform baby pink and decided I needed one too!

This is my first go at making a cardigan in one piece on a 80cm circular knitting needle set but turning on each row as if they are straight needles; it is growing slowwwwwly. I had a 2 hour train journey on Tuesday and did 6 (count them- I did say 6) rows! But if you think it’s 2 fronts and a back all at once, that is more like 18 rows 💪

I do like the waffle effect though and it will be lovely when it is done as it is a waterfall cardigan (hence the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stitches in a row.)


I’ve actually had the pattern for years, started it with wool that was the wrong weight so I accidentally didn’t buy enough so I’ve restarted with enough now 🙂

Always read the pattern twice and then you’ll only buy the wool once 😉

I’ll let you know how I get along when I get to the sleeves; I’m planning to follow a very traditional Scottish approach and keep all of that seamless knitting as well….wish me luck/ call me bonkers 🙂 ❤