I apologise for the gap in my blogging. I’ve got a new job which is keeping me busy and I’ve been knitting a blue version of my infinty scarf for winter for my mum.  In the most lovely 100% cotton so it’s a joy to knit. …but 95″ of lace knit doesn’t really give you much to blog about.

I’m also shifting my crafty sights again. ..to sewing!

It all started when I bought myself a lovely new baju kebaya while visiting my mum in Malaysia. The shop sells material to sew into your sarong skirt yourself.  I had made my last wrap skirt by cutting out the paper pattern. …but I have had 2 children since then and it no longer would fit me 😦

So I started looking through pinterest for a simple straight skirt with a flare at the bottom and got hooked on sewing blogs.

So the next projects are:

A simple cheongsam for my daughter- I found

Girl’s cheongsam pattern

And if that works, I’m going on to adjusting this pattern

Burda 6830 pattern with fitting it around the bust area 😨

Tell me I’m  mad or encourage me. ..all comments welcome 😆