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I’m sorry I’ve not been great recently at creating or posting. Basically work has been a pain at using up all my evening knitting and crochet time.

We also have a new puppy, Shadow the Manchester Terrier


And here is an attempt to capture him in motion


So, of course, once I’ve finished a replacement hat for the one he’s just put a hole into, I want to make him a dog cave like this


how to make a dog bed from teeshirt yarn

Mollie makes has a fab tutorial on how to make this magical stuff that can’t be destroyed as easily by sharp puppy teeth 😂😂😂

Hopefully this’ll get done in the Christmas break 😆😉


My friend has had a little boy  and I’ve doodled these 

 There  is a  difference in size and facial expressions because *of course* I adjusted the pattern as I repeated it 😝 and they look more like a family than clones n’est-ce  pas?

The links are  Links-to-go  from Amazon,  very useful for  attaching  toys and shopping bags  to prams 👼

And now on to  Christmas  mayhem  and crocheting.  Is it too late to crochet the paper chains??