You have been there I’m sure, starting something with enthusiasm and joy, working on it night after night, seeing it grow beneath your fingers, then something happens… you go away for a week and take something else that fits into a smaller bag, your sister goes into labor 2 months early and desperately needs preemie cardigans and hats, your mum’s birthday is in 8 weeks. And you put your beloved project to one side. “Don’t worry,” you whisper to it as it gets put away in a cupboard, shifted onto a stitch holder because you need the needles, “I’ll come back soon.” Then time passes, you know it’s there, you know you should get it out again… but the pattern was a difficult one and now you’re not exactly sure where you are, you count 37 rows, but surely that means there should be 5 fewer stitches than they are? And your fear grows, and you think, “I’ll do it on Saturday, in daylight, when I can see better,” knowing in your heart that you won’t because you have to take your daughter to ballet and you’re going to your in-laws for lunch.

So my pile of unfinished objects has grown (Or rather, the hooks holding bags containing UFOs)

And my box(es) of unstarted projects (usually things that are meant for me) fill slowly… and then get flogged and sorted into………………………..