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How to Make a Paper Piping Bag:

This is a lovely video showing how to fold a piping bag
I have become a little obsessed with making macarons; this batch isn’t my best as the almond was a bit grainy.
I used my piping bag to put in the filling- a dark chocolate butter icing.
I tried to dye them pink but it all faded during cooking


Watch this space for further installments! As Raymond Blanc says, you won’t get it right first time but persevere, and the mistakes are still delicious 😋


My daughter has been DESPERATE to make this recipe, demonstrated here by two Cebeebies presenters.
We have had the tin of pineapple for about a month and were all set to go when my husband inexplicably used up ALL the glacé cherries the Friday before….
What I have learned is
1. A small tin only has 4 (FOUR)  pineapple slices
2.when the recipe says cook for 60 mins,  don’t chicken out after 30.

The base was stuck to the cake tin but I think more pineapple slices will solve this and careful reconstruction as shown in the picture made this undetectable not a problem

It was delicious, though,  well recommended as can be seen by all the lego inching closer to have a nibble.


My children went trick or treating (just to the 3 neighboring streets and only to the houses displaying pumpkins) and I decided for our offerings, there would not be any sweets, mainly because I didn’t want half a tub still in the house for the next 2 weeks, so we made bat biscuits and Halloween cupcakes, which were very much appreciated by the children who came by, mainly from one of 3 local schools and it’s funny how many mum’s I knew 🙂 !

I had the children making shortbread biscuits yesterday and today I made 96 cupcakes and the children set up a production line the kitchen to decorate. I don’t know what to think of the frequent calls to Dad for quality control checks….


Healthy-ish Halloween offerings

One of the boys (about 10 years old) loudly said to his friends that they were yummy as they walked away, he can come back next year!