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You have been there I’m sure, starting something with enthusiasm and joy, working on it night after night, seeing it grow beneath your fingers, then something happens… you go away for a week and take something else that fits into a smaller bag, your sister goes into labor 2 months early and desperately needs preemie cardigans and hats, your mum’s birthday is in 8 weeks. And you put your beloved project to one side. “Don’t worry,” you whisper to it as it gets put away in a cupboard, shifted onto a stitch holder because you need the needles, “I’ll come back soon.” Then time passes, you know it’s there, you know you should get it out again… but the pattern was a difficult one and now you’re not exactly sure where you are, you count 37 rows, but surely that means there should be 5 fewer stiches than they are? And you fear grows, and you think, “I’ll do it on Saturday, in daylight, when I can see better,” knowing in your heart that you won’t because you have to take your daughter to ballet and you’re going to your in-laws for lunch.

So my pile of unfinished objects has grown (Or rather, the hooks of bags containing UFOs)

And my box(es) of unstarted projects (usually things that are meant for me) fill slowly… and then get flogged and sorted into………………………..



My friend has had a little boy  and I’ve doodled these 

 There  is a  difference in size and facial expressions because *of course* I adjusted the pattern as I repeated it 😝 and they look more like a family than clones n’est-ce  pas?

The links are  Links-to-go  from Amazon,  very useful for  attaching  toys and shopping bags  to prams 👼

And now on to  Christmas  mayhem  and crocheting.  Is it too late to crochet the paper chains??

I apologise for the gap in my blogging. I’ve got a new job which is keeping me busy and I’ve been knitting a blue version of my infinty scarf for winter for my mum.  In the most lovely 100% cotton so it’s a joy to knit. …but 95″ of lace knit doesn’t really give you much to blog about.

I’m also shifting my crafty sights again. sewing!

It all started when I bought myself a lovely new baju kebaya while visiting my mum in Malaysia. The shop sells material to sew into your sarong skirt yourself.  I had made my last wrap skirt by cutting out the paper pattern. …but I have had 2 children since then and it no longer would fit me 😦

So I started looking through pinterest for a simple straight skirt with a flare at the bottom and got hooked on sewing blogs.

So the next projects are:

A simple cheongsam for my daughter- I found

Girl’s cheongsam pattern

And if that works, I’m going on to adjusting this pattern

Burda 6830 pattern with fitting it around the bust area 😨

Tell me I’m  mad or encourage me. ..all comments welcome 😆




May have to have a go, these look delicious! 😋

It was exciting to make these sweet crunchy Christmas sweets with my sons. They enjoy trying different foods and want to learn to cook.  They love watching Food Networks.  It made me happy to pass my traditions and reminded me of my childhood doing the same with my family a week before Christmas. All the excitement, fun of going caroling home to home around our parish, making home cribs, decorating the Christmas trees, participating in singing competitions and going for Christmas Dances. Christmas was a day spent in exchanging Christmas sweets with family, friends and close neighbors.


This recipe of Kulkuls and Carambolas( Kormolas) is a 2-in-1. Kulkuls are shaped just like the Italian gnocchi, which are shaped on the back of a fork. Carambolasare made by rolling the dough thinly and then cutting them into 2″ inch squares and pinching the opposite ends together to form into a conch…

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My daughter and I made this cake for my son’s birthday 🙂





Hang the skein round your neck, no one will sit next to you  and if you loop the other end over your knee, you can wind the wool. Then when it’s your stop just put the ball in your pocket and get off, the skein round your neck means it won’t get tangled 😀

I don’t know how many of you know the traditional English song “an English Country Garden” here’s a link if you haven’t, English Country Garden
I’ve been inspired while making an irish crochet poncho for my daughter, so here goes:



Hearts ease


And Phlox




Lady’s smocks






Tall Hollyhocks








The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

Grimm2A professor of German language and literature at a well-known U.S. university recently contacted me with some fiber-related questions.

Preparing reading selections for a class, the professor read through stories by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.  Her specific questions arose from the story “Die drei Männlein im Walde” / “The Three Little Men in the Woods” (1812).

The professor asked why yarn would be boiled and why might it then be rinsed in a cold river.  The part of the story her questions came from is this:

In GermanEndlichGrimm3 nahm sie [die Hexe] einen Kessel, setzte ihn zum Feuer und sott Garn darin. Als es gesotten war, hing sie es dem armen Mädchen auf die Schulter und gab ihm eine Axt dazu, damit sollte es auf den gefrornen Fluß gehen, ein Eisloch hauen und das Garn schlittern.

In English:  So at last she [the witch] took a…

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I always buy my mum a magnet for her fridge when I’ve been on holiday. This year we were staying at her house and we went to Stonehenge. I bought a little kit for a cross stitch magnet and put it together for her. It’s been a while since I’ve cross stitched as I’ve been a little distracted by knitting and crochet 😉
It was a kit produced by English Heritage, which manages the site, so I don’t know who designed it. I’ve kept the pattern as my children would like a little Stonehenge miniature. The DMC/Anchor colour numbers weren’t provided, just names but I have enough thread left over to be able to match it.
I enjoyed it so much, I might start a little tradition of buying a little miniature cross stitch kit of places we’ve been on holiday.

Well I don’t have idle hands at the moment… Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but this is the reason:


Pretty colour, eh? I was inspired by the ballet top I made for my daughter in the ballet school uniform baby pink and decided I needed one too!

This is my first go at making a cardigan in one piece on a 80cm circular knitting needle set but turning on each row as if they are straight needles; it is growing slowwwwwly. I had a 2 hour train journey on Tuesday and did 6 (count them- I did say 6) rows! But if you think it’s 2 fronts and a back all at once, that is more like 18 rows 💪

I do like the waffle effect though and it will be lovely when it is done as it is a waterfall cardigan (hence the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stitches in a row.)


I’ve actually had the pattern for years, started it with wool that was the wrong weight so I accidentally didn’t buy enough so I’ve restarted with enough now 🙂

Always read the pattern twice and then you’ll only buy the wool once 😉

I’ll let you know how I get along when I get to the sleeves; I’m planning to follow a very traditional Scottish approach and keep all of that seamless knitting as well….wish me luck/ call me bonkers 🙂 ❤