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It’s Easter time again. I love this season, the few days leading up to Easter Sunday with the quiet meditation that my church does so well. We are going to have an Easter egg hunt. Each sibling will help hide the other’s eggs. There is too too much chocolate so I’m trying to reduce the amounts that they will eat by not hiding chocolate (well, a few little ones!)




Crick crack!


Cheep cheep

It’s made as a pretty standard amigurumi staying with 6DC (Am. SC)


The beak is made by making 3 Tr (Am. DC) , holding the first loops on hook, then pulling the loop through the 4 loops on the hook. Cut yarn, sew in the end, preserving the triangle shape.


Continue the main colour behind the beak by chaining 3. Make a second beak the same way.


Make the wings by making stitches in each double in the row below in the following order (the ones between || should be in the same double crochet):
|DC,HTr|Tr, dTr| Tr, Tr, Tr| chain 3 DC in next row. If you would like an American translation, please ask in the comments 🙂
On the next row, make your DCs into the bar of the trebles


If you’d like a fuller pattern, please ask in the comments and I’ll post one.


This is a little blog about a little thing I do with the odds and ends we all collect and use to scatter in places where long suffering spouses will step on them and wander the house with wool (Am: yarn) attached to socks.


First thing I do is always cut them as short as I think I can get away with – I love struggling because the needle is longer than the thread, it adds to the fun of finishing off a project!

I collect them in the bottom of the cloth shoulder bag I keep current projects in and every now and then decant them into my wool box (ok, if honesty is required ONE of my wool boxes)

Then I use them for stuffing amigurumi (usually I supplement with a little normal stuffing)
The advantages :

❤ I'm a big advocate of avoiding waste and saving money if it's not too much hassle to me (sorry earth, I'm to lazy to be an activist but I do things in my own little way to help) and this is essentially FREE!

❤ I hate that thing that happens with some amigurumi when they get older when you can see white stuffing between the stitches and with wool oddments that's not so obvious

So now I take my bow for saving the planet through amigurumi ☺

Mini Minion.

via Mini Minion.

And here is the finished article


For some reason my phone camera wouldn’t focus on the stitches unless it was held very far away. I’ll edit it on the computer when I next get a chance to sit at it

I amended the original pattern (when do you ever follow exactly??)

I used a 3mm hook and double knitting wool (sorry I don’t know the American translation) for the body and arms.

The pattern used felt but I’m too much of a perfectionist so I used Coates 20 and a 1.5mm hook for the eyes. My son asked for 2 eyes as well.

The pattern is below with American terms in brackets.
eyes make 2
Rnd 1: 6 dc (sc) in a magic circle (6)
Rnd 2: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 2x more (9)
Rnd 3: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 3x more, 1dc (13)

Make the other eye

Change to black (I used one thread of the 3 in the yarn)
Rnd 4: 1 dc (sc), 2 dc (sc) in next dc(sc), rpt 5x more, 1dc, join to the other eye motif and repeat the row.

Join normal black wool and using the 3mm hook, join to one side of the goggles. Chain 10, join to the other side of the goggles. Sew onto the face.

Little tip with amugurumi, when you sew limbs on, end by stitching straight untie body cavity then tie the ends of the thread from 2 limbs (arm to arm and leg to leg) together inside the body with at least 4 reef knots to prevent them been pulled off. Then stuff as normal.