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You have been there I’m sure, starting something with enthusiasm and joy, working on it night after night, seeing it grow beneath your fingers, then something happens… you go away for a week and take something else that fits into a smaller bag, your sister goes into labor 2 months early and desperately needs preemie cardigans and hats, your mum’s birthday is in 8 weeks. And you put your beloved project to one side. “Don’t worry,” you whisper to it as it gets put away in a cupboard, shifted onto a stitch holder because you need the needles, “I’ll come back soon.” Then time passes, you know it’s there, you know you should get it out again… but the pattern was a difficult one and now you’re not exactly sure where you are, you count 37 rows, but surely that means there should be 5 fewer stiches than they are? And you fear grows, and you think, “I’ll do it on Saturday, in daylight, when I can see better,” knowing in your heart that you won’t because you have to take your daughter to ballet and you’re going to your in-laws for lunch.

So my pile of unfinished objects has grown (Or rather, the hooks of bags containing UFOs)

And my box(es) of unstarted projects (usually things that are meant for me) fill slowly… and then get flogged and sorted into………………………..



My friend has had a little boy  and I’ve doodled these 

 There  is a  difference in size and facial expressions because *of course* I adjusted the pattern as I repeated it 😝 and they look more like a family than clones n’est-ce  pas?

The links are  Links-to-go  from Amazon,  very useful for  attaching  toys and shopping bags  to prams 👼

And now on to  Christmas  mayhem  and crocheting.  Is it too late to crochet the paper chains??

I have a cotton jumper I absolutely love,  it is whisper> more than 25 years old 
😯 and the cuffs are sadly disintegrating.

I decided to use some 100% cotton pink wool (the sharp sighted may recognize it here ) and I am very pleased with the result  🙂



As someone who always feels disappointed with how quickly I managed to crumple/lose the usual paper poppies (I always buy 2 do I’ll have a nice one on remembrance Sunday) and really appreciating that I can wear one again- they aren’t worn in Germany and even the remembrance day is on a different day each year- I was charmed to discover this pattern, saves me making one up myself!
poppy crochet pattern

This is a little blog about a little thing I do with the odds and ends we all collect and use to scatter in places where long suffering spouses will step on them and wander the house with wool (Am: yarn) attached to socks.


First thing I do is always cut them as short as I think I can get away with – I love struggling because the needle is longer than the thread, it adds to the fun of finishing off a project!

I collect them in the bottom of the cloth shoulder bag I keep current projects in and every now and then decant them into my wool box (ok, if honesty is required ONE of my wool boxes)

Then I use them for stuffing amigurumi (usually I supplement with a little normal stuffing)
The advantages :

❤ I'm a big advocate of avoiding waste and saving money if it's not too much hassle to me (sorry earth, I'm to lazy to be an activist but I do things in my own little way to help) and this is essentially FREE!

❤ I hate that thing that happens with some amigurumi when they get older when you can see white stuffing between the stitches and with wool oddments that's not so obvious

So now I take my bow for saving the planet through amigurumi ☺

I made this for my mother last Christmas, there are good intentions to make one for each of my 4 sisters. Should I be starting now? 😉



My daughter asked me for a table cloth for her playmobil house. Now I’ve promised her a flowery one for a small circle table! I used a 4mm hook which was too large really but quick.Also used 20 thread, going to use Anchor 40 with a 0.8mm hook next….