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I know my last blog was about sewing but my crochet called me back too strongly. My daughter is very excited because I’ve finally started netting the motifs together


The flowers are face down so this is the inside side of the poncho. As my mind is in turmoil I need to concentrate ands crochet-doodle.


As I posted earlier, I’ve been making an Irish Crochet poncho for my 4 year old daughter and I made a pansy last week.


Since then, I’ve spent some time in the garden dead-heading my real life pansies and violas. As I moved from pot to pot,

<<whisper>> <<I’m a bit potty about violas>>

I’ve come to the realisation that the pansy I made could be better, biologically and also more in keeping with the Irish rose, the other main flower in the poncho.

So I tried another pattern from and made this:


but it still didn’t feel or look pansy enough for me.

So I stared at pictures of violas for a long time and made this little character:


It is small but it has the fused lower petal and the 2 small petals in front of the 2 overlapping large petals and it is more in keeping with the tiny viola in comparison with the large blousy pansies that the other flowers are.

So, feeling very pleased with myself, I Skyped my daughter today (at present I work away from home during the week) and asked her if she liked this little flower. She replied,

“Yes, it’s a nice daffodil.”

If anyone would like to make a viola/daffodil, here’s the pattern:



This is a lovely pattern from free vintage crochet (thank you crochet thread– and BTW, your crochet lantern is pretty darned groovy, but I don’t have enough time before Chinese New Year to make one!!!! )

This pansy is one of the motifs for my daughter’s irish crochet poncho. I like the way the front petals are really 3D and I’ll attach it in the irish crochet net so that they will be able to stand proud.   Eagle eyed readers will note that the motifs are no longer pink. My daughter was persuaded would like a mixture of colours which is great as I can keep with my new year’s resolution to not buy any more yarn before I have worked my way through my stash. These yarns are all the same type, bought to make a Maisy jumper for a niece years ago which looks very similar to this:

This poncho is extremely personalised, there is a red rose of Lancashire (the county flower of my home), a hibiscus (the national flower of my birth country), a shamrock (the national flower of my mum’s birth country), a butterfly (my daughter’s favorite insect) and Irish roses (which particularly remind me of the wonderful lady who taught me to crochet ).






Other flowers are found in my garden (crysanthemums, aquilegia, lillies). None of the flowers are repeats and there are 4 to 8 petalled varieties. My main challenge was making enough of a variety of leaves and these are based mainly on inspirations from fabulous Russian ladies with beautiful nail polish who have shared their skills and patterns on the internet.




It’s lovely and cosy warm and I got loads of compliments at my sister’s wedding 🙂

My daughter would like one for herself now, pink and pink and I’m going to be a little bit more repetitive regarding the flowers and leaves.I’ll keep the chain of flowers at the bottom and adjust the shape so that there is a point at the front and back (mine only had a point hanging down in the front, due to the use of the symmetrical trapezium discussed in earlier blogs)

Not so sure I’ve done enough leaves….

Well I think I’ve got almost enough in terms of  motifs and the time has came, as the walrus said,  to talk of other things.  It’s a bit scary but I’ve laid everything out on a wrap that I have that is measured to be the length of the opening of my poncho /grown up wrap. Basically using trial and error and safety pins to get the opening right and then folding the shawl into a right angled  trapezium (all maths geeks sigh in happiness that the shape was correctly described)

I’m then going to tack them in place and pin them out on an old pillow and crochet away with a 5mm hook,  using a 5 crochet chain length as the basis. The plan is to crochet a large lopsided floppy cylinder.

Wish me luck in my madness!