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I have a cotton jumper I absolutely love,  it is whisper> more than 25 years old 
😯 and the cuffs are sadly disintegrating.

I decided to use some 100% cotton pink wool (the sharp sighted may recognize it here ) and I am very pleased with the result  🙂




I have a set of 12″ cushions that I wanted to cover with knitted and crocheted creations using yarn oddments.

First up: this Rowan baby soft.

I’m designing a cable and hearts on one side and stocking stitch on the other so it’s comfy for lying on.

My gauge is 20 stiches to 4″ so I cast on 120 on a circular needle and am knitting it as a tube. I’ll finish it off by seamless cast off at the end and am still deciding if I will make an envelope type closure or a zip at the cast on edge. Watch this space!!


Comments welcome on my yummy stitch pro markers