Those of you following my exciting adventures with Irish crochet, ponchos and a 7mm hook may have also experienced the phenomenon of your children being jealous of your crochet work bag.

As posted earlier,  my daughter requested her own garden of random Irish roses and then my 7 year old (forgetting he was the recipient of the first seamless tank top /vest I ever made ) quite plaintively asked when I was going to make something for him.
So he got a Minion as he is currently loving the Despicable Me2 android app and Madeline’s doll had had a make over.

The doll is 12″ or 32cm and there are hardly any patterns so I ended up compromising.  The shoes are different sizes because I made them in a bit of a crochet doodle.  When I’ve had a bit of a practise (after the poncho is over) I’ll post a pattern.  Missy Miss would like more shoes in more colours. One is larger and looks less good but is easy for her 3 year old fingers to get on and off so I think the eventual pattern will be between the 2 and have a flower incorporated in the back of the heel to ease pulling on and stop the back folding in on itself when being dragged on.
The neckline of the dress isn’t quite finished either. It has to be wide enough to be dragged on so I can’t narrow it further but I’m thinking of crocheting 4 petals that overlap at the shoulders like baby vests.


My son got a tiny amigurumi minion from Despicable me.

I’ve previously posted the link to the pattern I based this on but it was slightly amended so that the eyes were crocheted (what can I say-I’m a purist)